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media luna new films represents directors and producers with a handwriting signature on their work. We focus on international arthouse productions by emerging talents, whose realizations differentiate themselves through the original approach and the unique style. Media Luna offers a broad spectrum of feature length films and documentaries as well as television movies and documentaries.

With our line-up we intend to reflect the many differences and encounters among the world cultures to highlight the world‘s fascinating diversity. The company’s strategy is based on building long lasting relationships, with producers and directors, in providing individual marketing strategies to each film for an effective and sensible placement at the international market. Therefore, you will find films, at Media Luna’s Catalogue, from a large number of countries and various expressions as well styles: from the very „arty“ point of view over the funny comedy to the „sexy“ drama and genres, as GLTB.

We hope you will enjoy our selection and find a film at our catalogue, which succeeds to communicate with your audience.
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Ida Martins & Media Luna’s Team

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