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By Francis Exposito


By Francis Exposito


Javi falls in love with Teresa, a Salsa dancer, who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to him, so he decides to learn how to dance in order to conquer her, helped by a retired dancer and Viky, a friend from his cousin Quique.Viky falls in love with Javi, which causes him to doubt about his feelings towards both women, whom will he chose: the obsessive love for Teresa or with the one that helps him…

Quique convinces his cousin Javi to accompany him to a "Salsa" Disco, where he's meeting Marta and Viky, when they arrive Javi falls in love with a dancer called Teresa and decides to learn how to dance Salsa in order to conquer her. But he needs a dance partner to learn. Viky who’s got the hots for him, the four of them will go to the same dancing academy where Teresa Goes, which doesn’t please Teresa’s boyfriend Sergio, who sees right away what Javi’s up to and they have a fight which is the cause that they are expelled from the academy. Javi, upset decides to find a private teacher, Adonis a retired teacher, finally accepts to be their teacher, thanks to the help af his wife Mildred and Javi’s insistence. So they start to dance, and Viky and him start to get to know each other, one night they (dancers, teacher and wife) go to the disco, where Adonis meets and old fellow dancer Willians, Teresa’s and Sergio’s teacher, with whom he had a quarrel a long time ago. They quarrel and challenge each other to prove who’s the best through their pupils, in the next dancing competition. Marta tells Javi what Viky’s feelings are towards him, Javi doesn’t know what to do, he knows that he feels something special for Viky, but he’s obsessed by Teresa. So everything will be decided at the competition…


Francis Expósito finishes his first full-length film, after having realised a lot of projects such as the short movies: “Un ladrón más, Un mal día, Óscar, Esta noche en el parquet”, and his work as technical director of the film festival Eurofilms and various television programs, announcements and video clips


José Ángel Vargas, Joan Toni Pou,Emilia Terradas, Marta Ayala, Tito García, Carolina Díaz, Toti Siguaraya, Mari Carmen Sánchez, Jose Luis Garcia, Willians Zulueta, Isabel Espases.


Director: Francis Expósito
Cinematography: Francis Expósito
Editing: Francis Expósito
Sound: Eric Krygelmans
Music: Mike Campins
Producer: Francis Expósito


Original Title: Salsa al Duelo / Video / 90min / Original Language Spanish with English Subtitles / Spain 2009

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