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By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson
By James Napier Robertson


By James Napier Robertson



Stanley Merse has murder constantly on his mind.
A grungy true crime novelist, he finds himself increasingly plagued with nightmares and violent fantasies about his work, in particular the subject of his latest novel, Harry Jenson. In an attempt to reclaim his sanity, Stan goes on a remote journey deep in the New Zealand forest, with a group of other mysterious trampers.
But when he wakes up on the first morning to find one of his tramping party dead, Stanley finds himself caught up in a real life scenario that is far too reminiscent of one of his own plot lines. With blood on his hands, and his delusional nightmares out of control, Stanley is faced with the very real possibility that this story may in fact be reality, one which he now has to try and keep secret.
Shot almost entirely against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand's native rainforests, I'm Not Harry Jenson is a thought provoking murder mystery that crescendoes to a finale full of surprise and intrigue.


I'M NOT HARRY JENSON is James Napier Robertson's debut feature film. Born in 1982 in Wellington, New Zealand, he wrote and directed two short films in NZ, FOUL PLAY and TWO CONS ONE KEY both with INHJ producer Tom Hern, and a short film shot in Los Angeles, BY WAY OF LA. He developed INHJ with Hern after the two worked together as actors in their teens and early twenties. Napier Robertson is currently based between NZ and LA, and is working with Hern on a follow up feature project, to be shot again in New Zealand.


In I'M NOT HARRY JENSON, I explored areas that have interested me a great deal for a while; things like alienation, obsession, self doubt and paranoia. I'm fascinated by how effectively our minds can play tricks on us, and how easily you could reach a point where you don't even trust yourself, or your own thoughts.
What do you do when you're at that point? Who do you turn to? 'I'm Not Harry Jenson' is all about if you went down that path too far, and what could end up happening to you.


Stanley: Gareth Reeves
Marisa: Jinny Lee Story
Bill: Ian Mune
Rick: Cameron Rhodes
Margaret: Ilona Rodgers
Colby: Renato Bartolomei
Kevin: Tom Hern Anna: Rachael Blampied
Jon: Ben Mitchell
Tom: Marshall Napier


Writer/Director/Editor: James Napier Robertson
DOP: Rhys Duncan
Production Designer: Andy Smith
Music: Peter Hobbs
Costume: Kristin Seth
Producer: Tom Hern
Executive Producers: Stephanie Napier, John Robertson, Tim Wood, Sasha Wood, Peter Chapman, Alex Chapman
Co-Producers: James Napier Robertson, Edward Sampson


Original Title: I'M NOT HARRY JENSON / HDCam, Digital Betacam / Colour / 98 min / Stereo, 5.1 Surround / Original Language: English / New Zealand 2010


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