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By Scud
By Scud
By Scud
By Scud
By Scud
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By Scud



Love is life, life as it is. Not every love story is a fairy tale. After a dramatic wedding feast, unusual love stories unfold towards unexpected endings. Inspired by real life cases, LOVE ACUTALLY… SUCKS! is about love that gone bad: a brother and sister in love but caught by the mother, a married painter falls for his young life drawing model of same sex, an intimacy between a dance school teacher and his rich but senior student, a lesbian couple one of which has role-play paranoid, a dreadful love triangle ending with the girl being beheaded…LOVE ACUTALLY… SUCKS! celebrates love that no one care but actual life is love, love as it is.


Scud was born in mainland China amid the Great Culture Revolution in 1967, raised by his grandmother, before moving to Hong Kong at 13. He devoted the next 20 years to a career of IT, worked for multi-national companies, founded a public listed company, and acquired a bachelor degree thru part-time study. He then moved to Australia for a permanent residence. Realizing that he has fulfilled the dream of others but not his own, he returned to Hong Kong in 2005 to start an indie film company, Artwalker, wrote and made CITY WITHOUT BASEBALL, PERMANENT RESIDENCE, AMPHETAMINE and LOVE ACTUALLY...SUCKS!




The film is inspired by real life cases of love gone bad. Of course, Love mostly is associated with romantic and harmony, but reality is inconsistent with this simple view of Love. This film instead gives samples of the complication of Love, influenced by sex acts, violence and death. Though it doesn't matter if it is the love between a hetero- or a homosexual couple, between brother and sister or within age differences. Love is platonic as physical and thus brings the difficulty that not rarely Love actually… sucks!




Osman Hung: Spider
Linda So: Moon
Haze Leung: Policeman
John Tai: Painter
Tang Wei: Model
Calvin Wong: Boy in sauna
Owen Lee: Dance teacher
Alice Chen: Queen
Betty Chan- Dance teacher's girl
Christepher Wee: Brother
Sherry Li: Sister
Lareine Xu: Policewoman
Celia Chang: Policewoman's girl
Jackie Chow: Bridegroom
Winnie Leung: Bride
Ryo van Kooten: Bridesman



Linda So is an international recognized yoga coach. She started her acting in China by performing in films like SEVEN INTELLECTUALLS IN A BAMBOO FOREST and SHANGHAI WANG SHI. She is the lead actress in Scud's AMPHETAMINE, which achieves international success.


John Tai started his modeling in Taiwan. He was invited to Hong Kong as a guest coach of Hong Kong baseball delegation in 2004. He acted as a baseball coach in Scud's previous film CITY WITHOUT BASEBALL.


Osman Hung is the vocalist of Hong Kong dance group EO2. He played leading roles in films like GIVE THEM A CHANCE and PERMANENT RESIDENCE.




Writer/ Producer/ Director: Scud   
Cinematography: Herman Yau
Editor: William Chang Suk Ping, Andy Chan Chi Wai
Art Director: Irving Cheung
Image/ Costume: Bruce Yu Ka On
Costume Design: Petra Kwok
Music: Yu Yat Yiu @ PMPS


Original Title: / 35mm / 1:2.35 / Colour / Dolby SRD 5.1 / 83 min / Cantonese with English subtitles / Hong Kong 2011



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