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By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins
By Bryn Higgins


By Bryn Higgins



Slamdance, Frameline, Edinburgh, Munich a.o.

Screen International: "[...] an impressively made and darkly disturbing drama, nicely scripted and impressively shot [...]. It offers up a delightfully skewed look at that dramatic chliché of obsessive love, with Christian Cooke and Harry McEntire intensely watchable as their strange romance develops." [read more]


The Hollywood Reporter: "[...] an unexpected turn on its plot, which makes the story unique." [read more]


San Francisco Chronicle: "[...] excellent performances by Harry McEntire (who gamely plays the beautiful, pliant Owen) and Christian Cooke (who effectively captures the sometimes charming, oftentimes depraved older suitor, Liam), "Unconditional" may appear quite unconventional on the surface, but ultimately it's a universal story about discovering who you are." [read more]

The Hollywood News: "the further into the film you go, the more unstable you discover Liam is and it is an intoxicating spiral that actually makes you want to delve deeper into this man’s dark, personal demons." [read more]

Edinburgh IFF TV: Christian Cooke talks about UNCONDITIONAL [watch video]

ThoughtsOnFilm: "Unconditional represents the sort of great little gems you find at film festivals, those which you know nothing about but grab your attention with brave new filmmaking talent, in front of and behind the camera, and tackle a touch subject with real daring. [...] Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the EIFF 2012 so far." [read more]


Teenage twins Kristen and Owen are misfits in the real world, bored of caring for their mum and fantasising about murdering her. Then along comes Liam: tough, charming, full velocity, genuinely cool. Kristen fancies him with the intensity of someone in a fairytale. But Liam takes Owen out drinking – and the depth of Liam’s mis-wired obsessions soon emerge. Liam offers unconditional love to Owen…on one condition: not to be dressed like a man!


I grew up on a dull London street near the river. Secrets behind blank front doors. I’m drawn to stories about ordinary people with raging inner lives and about how our search for love can get us into trouble. Joe’s wonderful script rings so true. It’s my ideal to make a film where all the decisions about shooting are dictated by the emotions of the characters. UNCONDITIONAL got close. As the twins and Liam take us for a ride on the wild side, I tried to bring the energy of my favourite punk love songs. I wanted to make the film as raw and stirring as possible but also highly cinematic and with a lot of humour in the tension.


Bryn Higgins grew up in west London. After the Royal College of Art he went to the BBC making documentaries. He left to write commissioned dramas and has always remained as film-maker who is passionate about making highly creative projects with a small group. Bryn has been BAFTA-Nominated for Originality and has made high-profile dramas and docs with British, North American and European broadcasters. His latest series for BBC ONE was twice nominated for an RTS (NW) Award for Best Drama Series and was selected for a BAFTA by the BBC. UNCONDITIONAL is his first feature film.


Harry McEntire: Owen
Madeleine Clark: Kristen
Christian Cooke: Liam
Melanie Hill: Mum
James Bolam: Hutch



Christian Cooke is one of Britain’s most successful and promising young screen actors. He grew up in Leeds, dropped out of school and got into trouble in his late teens before getting into acting and writing. In 2010 Christian had the lead in the BAFTA-Nominated series THE PROMISE. Christian is starring with Danny Huston and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in MAGIC CITY, a 13-part US series by Mitch Glazer (SCROOGED, LOST IN TRANSLATION).

Harry McEntire is an exciting, risk-addicted, fast-rising star. He chooses challenging, headline-making drama on stage (PUNKROCK, WINTERLONG) and screen (ERIC & ERNIE, TOWER BLOCK).

Madeleine Clark lives in the seaside steel town of Redcar where she grew up and visited the Musical Theatre Stockton Riverside College. Madeleine also writes songs and has recorded her first album. Like Harry, she gives a sensational breakout performance in UNCONDITIONAL.


Director: Bryn Higgins
Writer: Joe Fisher
Editor: Ben Yeates
Director of photography: Paul Otter
Music: John Lunn
Production Company: Stone City Films
Producer: Bryn Higgins
Executive Producers: Clare Duggan, Tom Harvey, Sean Kelly
Production design: Mike McLoughlin



Original Title: Unconditional / 1:1.85 / Colour / 92 min / Stereo / English/ UK 2012






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